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Check out my latest story, "The Derelict," in this sci-fi anthology, including nineteen other stories by great sci-fi authors.

Five hundred years after the fall of Earth, humans are little more than slaves in the Sendel Empire, but Cason Fallor has a job with actual authority: overseeing the dockworkers on a deep space transit station. When a derelict ship rumored to contain Earth artifacts is found, he’s faced with a choice: trust a rogue Sendel and risk everything for a culture he knows nothing about, or play it safe and mind his own business. But what he finds on the ship means playing it safe isn’t an option.


A collection of stories from a world very much like our own... but it's a world where a man can look at you, and know the day you'll die. Where a woman can stop time. Where scientists develop a medical treatment to turn the worst man in the world into the most morally upright person who ever lived. Where you might find a DVD of deleted scenes--from your own life.


Yes,  it's a world very much like our own, but where the impossible (and the not yet possible) can happen.

A fantastic collection of short mystery stories which highlights different aspects of human life. It not only makes you think and reflect, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable read.



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