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Find out what's on "The Derelict"

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

My story, "The Derelict" will soon be published in The Expanding Universe Vol. 6 sci-fi Anthology.

That's right, my latest story will soon be available in the next volume of The Expanding Universe, edited by Craig Martelle.

I met Craig at a writers' conference last year, and when I saw the call for submissions for this anthology, I knew it would be a great thing to be a part of. I got to work right away, and soon had a story I found compelling. If you're reading this, I think you'll like it too!

Five hundred years after the fall of Earth, humans are little more than slaves in the Sendel Empire, but Cason Fallor has a job with actual authority: overseeing the dockworkers on a deep space transit station. When a derelict ship rumored to contain Earth artifacts is found, he’s faced with a choice: trust a rogue Sendel and risk everything for a culture he knows nothing about, or play it safe and mind his own business. But what he finds on the ship means playing it safe isn’t an option.

My story, along with nineteen others, will be available September 14.

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